This is a List of Topics that I have written about concerning TRESA. It starts from the most recent to the earliest:
TRESA: Phase 2 Implementation “when does it come into force”?

TRESA: Customer Service Coming to an End

Designated Agency and the “Mentor” under TRESA

Dual Agency: Resolved

Who is Your Agent under TRESA?

Can You Have an Open Offer Process Now?

What Title Can You Use?

TRESA: How Do You Pronouce it?

Water in the Basement

Pre-emptive Offers and Notification

Keeping Real Estate Files

Transparency under TRESA

Sharing Offer Content under TRESA

Course Programs

TRESA Update: Short Delay

When Does a Person become a Self-Represented Party?

TRESA: Are You Ready for Open Bidding?

Consumer Relationships Guide in Alberta

Designated Agency is On its way

TRESA: Sharing the Content of Competing Offers

TRESA: Customer relationships/Agreements not permitted

TRESA: Facts a seller has a legal obligation to disclose

Self-Representation under TRESA

TRESA Questions:


SOLUTION to Conflict between the Code and Fiduciary Duties

Seller’s Disclosure

TRESA in force 1 April 2023

Information Guide under TRESA

IMPACT of Conflict between the Code and Fiduciary Duties

Conflict between the Code and Fiduciary Duties at Common Law

Third Party Disclosure of Material Facts

Client Disclosure of Material Facts

Disclosures under the Act and Regulations

Code: Where Did All the Provisions Go?

Auditor General’s Report: Multiple Representation

What About Designated Agency for Ontario?

Brian Madigan LL.B., Broker

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