If you are a Buyer of real estate then please contact me, I should be able to help, whether it be residential or commercial.

I have an extensive network of trusted colleagues who can assist in areas which I do not ordinarily service. I can simply refer you or continue to remain involved in the transaction.

If you are a first time Buyer we will need to ensure that you have funds available both for your deposit and your down payment, and you qualify for any applicable rebates of Land Transfer Tax.

Kindly review the articles about Buyers which covers various topics of importance.

If you are a second time Buyer, this is slightly more complicated because you have a house to sell and a house to buy. Coordination is the key to success. Also, it’s important to be aware of market conditions when dealing with the question of “buy first or sell first….”.

If you are an investor, that’s actually somewhat easier. You don’t have to sell and you don’t have to move. You will need to be aware of the Residential Tenancies Act if you are purchasing a residential property. The Act severely limits the rights of the Landlord. If you are looking for a commercial property, your rights are well-protected. You do need to know about your finances, since a larger downpayment is usually required. If that is not available, then we will need secondary financing

This website is not designed for listings, pre-construction opportunities or searches. Please visit my other website for that purpose.

In addition, there are many exclusive opportunities that are available, which are not found on MLS.

Kindly contact me and I can set you up to receive regular updates of properties which meet your criteria.