TRESA Questions:


1- How will this affect our day-to-day dealings with clients, self represented parties, and will it be okay to provide services such as sending listings to potential buyers, or educating the seller before they enter into a representation agreement?

2- Will the RECO Information Guide replace ”Working with a Realtor” form?

3- Are we prohibited from going too far in discussing real estate with people who are neither self represented or in a current Rep. Agreement?


  1. Very little affect, once registrants become familiar with the new rules. Sending listings and educating the Seller will be fine.

2) Yes.

3) You can, of course, “go far”, but you cannot “go too far”.

Brian Madigan LL.B., Broker

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  1. 4) Will The Guide outline how to explain who, how, when and for how long will a registrant within the LBO be a “Designated Rep”?

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