Accredited Elite Advocate Program 2021

Qualifying for AEA Designation

I am offering a series of Courses which will enable a registrant under the Real Estate a and Business Brokers Act, to qualify for the designation of “AEA” or “Accredited Elite Advocate”, that’s short for an “agent” with a strong emphasis upon “fiduciary duties”.

The present continuing education system is not ideal. In large measure, it’s simply the renewal of the registration Course on the RECO website.

If you were ever to appear in Court, it would be extremely helpful to say that continuing education was a priority for you and that you are able to confirm your attendance at something that was of assistance to you in protecting your clients.

Just taking Courses on Lead Generation, Facebook ads, and Objection Handling (fighting with, rather than for your clients) would not be helpful.

This is the list of Courses that you require in order to qualify for the “AEA” designation:

  1. Disclosure
  2. Agreement of Purchase and Sale
  3. Chattels and Fixtures
  4. Surveys, Boundaries and Adverse Possession
  5. Family Law and the Matrimonial Home
  6. Estate and Succession Planning
  7. Estate Administration, and Special Contract Issues (Multiple Offers, Competing Offers, Form 801, Escalation Clauses, Deposits, Assignments, Tort Law, Terminating Agreements, Mortgage Remedies)
  8. Agency, Duties acting for Buyers and Sellers
  9. The Most Important Supreme Court of Canada Cases for Real Estate
  10. Risk Management

All of these Courses were originally developed and taught through real estate Boards and would qualify for continuing education credits. That’s no longer the case. Registration renewal is restricted to RECO’s own website. Nevertheless, RECO does encourage registrants to seek and obtain as much education as they can.

The AEA designation is available through the HarvardNorth Real Estate Academy and requires the successful completion of a written examination.

I can also advise you of any promotions or discounts that might be available. If you wish to attend, please contact me.