Course Programs

Depending upon the presentation arranged, these Courses run from 60 minutes to 180 minutes

AEA Programs marked in bold

  1. Agreement of Purchase and Sale,
  2. Law of Disclosure,
  3. Risk Management for Real Estate Agents,
  4. Liability under the Law of Torts,
  5. Surveys, Boundaries and Adverse Possession,
  6. Law of Attachment, Chattels and Fixtures,
  7. Family Law Act and the Matrimonial Home,
  8. Estate and Succession Planning,
  9. Estate Administration,
  10. Competing Offers,
  11. Multiple Representation Conflicts and Procedures,
  12. Competition Consent Agreement,
  13. Disclosure Law Case Review,
  14. Purchase and Sale of a Business,
  15. How to Be a Great Agent and Avoid Legal Liability,
  16. Leading Supreme Court of Canada Cases,
  17. The Commercial Lease,
  18. Commercial Due Diligence Requirements,
  19. Sales under the Bulk Sales Act,
  20. Buying and Selling a Business without Property,
  21. Agency Law,
  22. The Listing Agreement under Review,
  23. The Buyer’s Representation Agreement under Review,
  24. Material Facts in a Real Estate Transaction,
  25. Customer Service Contracts,
  26. The Three Levels of Engagement for Real Estate Professionals,
  27. Residential Tenancies Act,
  28. Rural and Recreational Property Issues,
  29. RECO Discipline Cases,
  30. Avoiding Real Estate Malpractice,
  31. Deposits,
  32. Terminating Agreements,
  33. Escalation Clauses,
  34. Assignments,
  35. Capacity to Contract,
  36. Mortgage Remedies,
  37. Estate and Wealth Accumulation,
  38. Writing Clauses,
  39. Specific Performance in Failed Transactions,
  40. New Code of Ethics under TRESA


If you are interested, please contact me at [email protected].

The most efficient way to take the Courses would be to join into the AEA Program which takes 18 hours over 6 days (usually mornings). Some of the Courses lack interest, except for those who might be very specifically focussed on a particular field like the purchase of a business. The Course dealing with business sales under the Bulk Sales Act, is now staledated, since the Act has now been repealed for several years.

I will be developing some new Courses dealing with the new TRESA legislation.

Brian Madigan LL.B., Broker

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