List of Courses

This is an updated outline in respect to each of the programs currently offered as part of the AEA Program and available over Zoom:

This program deals with the evolving law that applies to sellers and their obligations, the role of the agent and the increased obligations placed upon the agent under REBBA 2002.

Participants will understand how the law of torts and misrepresentation apply in the context of a contractual agreement.

Emphasis is placed upon the legal liability of the agent and the reasonable steps that an agent can take to protect themselves from liability. A checklist for practice management is included to lessen the risks for the agent. Following the checklist provides documented evidence of meeting professional standards.

The law of disclosure is also viewed from the perspective of the buyer’s agent. Reference is made to the SPIS document currently in use, and the most recent decision of the Supreme Court of Canada.

Material: 98 Pages
Addendum: 10 Pages
PowerPoint: 10 Slides