Code: Where Did All the Provisions Go?

There was a Code of Ethics under REBBA, 2002. Then, there were some changes, and a New Code under TRESA will become effective 1 April 2023.

It’s much shorter. So, where did all the provisions go?

What are the missing provisions?

The old Code included sections which are omitted from the new Code, as set out here:

10.Information before agreements
11.Contents of written agreements
12.Copies of written agreements
13.Seller representation agreements
14.Buyer representation agreements
15.Agreements with customers
16.Disclosure before multiple representation
17.Nature of relationship
18.Disclosure of interest
19.Properties that meet buyer’s criteria
20.Seller property information statement
21.Material facts
22.Agreements with third parties
23.Steps taken by registrant
24.Conveying offers
25.Agreements relating to remuneration
26.Competing offers
27.Written and legible agreements
28.Copies of agreements
29.Delivery of deposits and documents
30.Business records
31.Certificate of registration: broker or salesperson
32.Certificate of registration: brokerage
33.Certificates of registration for brokers and salespersons kept by brokerage
34.Current forms
35.Financial responsibility
37.Inaccurate representations
38.Error, misrepresentation, fraud, etc.
39.Unprofessional conduct, etc.
40.Abuse and harassment


Some, but not all of those provisions will actually still continue, but they are not set out in the new Code of Ethics under TRESA.

Brian Madigan LL.B., Broker

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