TRESA: How Do You Pronouce it?

There is a new Trust in Real Estate Services Act, which updates and replaces the Real Estate and Business Brokers Act, 2002. The new Act will govern the activities of real estate agents as they practice their profession.

Do you think that would be important?

The acronym for the Act is TRESA.

The acronym for the old Act was REBBA.

Now, it’s quite clear that REBBA was important and they used the long vowel so that REBBA rhymed with “tree”. So, it was pronounced “reee bah”.

The overseeing body is the Real Estate Council of Ontario. It’s acronym is RECO. It’s important so, the long vowel is used and it’s pronounced “reee coe”.

The short vowel is not used for REBBA or RECO, otherwise they would be pronounced “reh bah” to rhyme with “web”, or “wrec koe”, to rhyme with “wreck”.


Now we have just added a new word to our vocabularies. We have a choice of pronunciation. If it’s important we go with the long vowel, and if it’s unimportant we go with the short vowel.

Using the short vowel, we come up with “tress sah” to rhyme with “dress”.

Using the long vowel, we come up with “tree sah” to rhyme with “tree”.

How do you pronounce it?

Is it important or unimportant to you?

Brian Madigan LL.B., Broker

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