Your Database Just Decreased by 92%

So, what are you going to do about it? You sent out emails to your database requesting “express consent”. But, you sent your message out rather late in June and only 8% replied.

Now, that basically means that 92% of your database possiblydon’t want to hear from you.

Maybe, that wasn’t quite the right tactic!

If they don’t want you to contact them. Then maybe you shouldn’t.

In many cases, businesses are left with about 8% of their original database. Consequently, this whole line of marketing will have to be revised.

What are your thoughts? Do newsletters work? They used to, but now there are so many that in large measure they seem rather ineffective. Standard form newsletters sent out from the franchise with each agent’s picture and contact information are are expensive but are they a waste of time? When you receive 20 email newsletters in the space of about 15 minutes from all the agents you know with a particular brand, the message is naturally compromised. These agents didn’t write or create the material. It was all done by a marketing company. And, it shows!

The better course of action appears to evaluate your own database. Eliminate the ones you wish to eliminate and then try the rest. Presumably, you have some initial authorization, otherwise, they shouldn’t have appeared in the newsletter database in the first place. That didn’t change today. That was always the law.

What is your new online marketing strategy? Here, no consent in advance is required.

Brian Madigan LL.B., Broker

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