Where are these “Cottage” structures?

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There are often all kinds of buildings and structures buit where they should not be built including:

· The dock

· The deck

· The boathouse

· The bunkie

· The shed

· The septic system

· The main cottage

Remember that years ago, people wanted to be as close to the water as possible. Also, they didn’t like to clear much land. The buildings were often homemade and rather inexpensive. No one hired a surveyor. And, few knew of the related rules, regulations and laws pertaining to construction and ownership of waterfront property.

So, they built all these things wherever they wanted, just trying to keep away from the neighbours. They often thought that the lake was where the water was, and it moved in and out with the waves. They built the dock, deck and boathouse over the water. Now, we know that’s way out in the lake, but they didn’t think of that. They thought that it’s convenient, and where else would you want to put a dock or boathouse anyways?

The Bunkie, the shed and the main cottage were next. Again, let’s get the best views of the lake, so that means as close as possible.

And, no one thought about a 66 foot road allowance. Remember that around some lakes, the first sign of permanent vegetation can be 100 to 150 feet from the water’s edge. That’s the high water mark. Plus another 66 feet before you get to the lot! But, that doesn’t matter too much since everything has already been built.

Brian Madigan LL.B., Broker

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