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Windstream to Cut Partners, Increase Commissions During Bankruptcy –  Channel Futures
increase the commission


I had an agent flat out tell me, in writing, that if we didn’t up the coop he wouldn’t take it to his client and I quote “If you confirm to me x.xx cooperating commission, then, and only then, will I talk to my clients.”

In discussing this matter with some colleagues, the consensus is that I should:

  1. Contact the Broker of Record,
  2. Report the matter to the local Board, or
  3. Report the matter to RECO.


This just sounds like negotiating. It is only his own client who is able to report this to RECO. This is just “posturing”. You have no role in this. You don’t know whether or not there’s any kind of transgression. That’s possible, but many agents will use this scenario simply as a negotiating issue.

If, in fact, the actual agent failed to advise their own client, then, the client and ONLY the client would be aggrieved and have a remedy.

Brian Madigan LL.B., Broker


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