TRESA: Using Schedule “A” to the Listing

OREA has now drafted up a Schedule “A” to be attached to a Listing. This arose in response to the requirement for clarity when it comes to “services” as set out in TRESA.

What’s it for?

Basically, it’s helpful if you need to limit or restrict a service in some way.

Consider the fact that you might be including “staging”. Just exactly, what does that mean?

Perhaps you would offer to pay a Home Stager to attend, meet with the Seller and make some comments and suggestions. Maybe this is free. But, you might also offer a written Report. That might cost a few hundred dollars. Is that included?

What if the Home Stager recommends painting the main floor “white” or “off white” or “kinda sorta white”? Is the cost of painting included?

Then, we get to the furniture. The Home Stager may have some modern off white inexpensive furniture that they would provide for the living room, hall, dining room, kitchen, and family room. Maybe they would do this for the whole house.

In the meantime, where would the Seller store their own furniture? Would storage also be included?

For how long would the furniture stay: one week to permit the photographer to take pictures and videos, one month, six months or until it’s sold?

Then who is paying: the Seller themselves or the Agent? Is the Agent just providing the upfront payment and will be compensated from the sale price or was this simply covered in the overall commission?

There are lots of decisions to be made here!

Set out all the answers in a series of clear statements in Schedule “A”. Then, there’s no mistake going forward.

Brian Madigan LL.B., Broker

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