TRESA: Sharing of Offers


The new TRESA legislation appears to allow the Listing agent to share Offer content with others who have made Offers. Is there anyone else?


Actually, “yes”, the content can be shared with “everyone”.

There are just a couple of restrictions:

  1. No personal information may be shared, and
  2. The Seller must authorize the disclosures.

The obligation under TRESA is that the Listing agent MUST share it with those who made Offers. However, the Act does not impede, restrict or impose obligations upon Sellers. They are free to tell everyone. They can also authorize their own agent to tell everyone and if they do, then, their agent has to follow their instructions.

So, all of this information could be posted on the internet in a “live” format.

A website could host the information, with references to Buyer #1, Buyer #2 etc, including the highlights from the Offers. They might also post an “open time” to submit further Offers. It would be just like an auction!

Brian Madigan LL.B., Broker


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  1. you could share the highest offer price to those agents with buyers that said “i dont want to compete”. After they see the price offered they may jump back in.

    1. Post

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