Sunroom Built without Permits


I am representing a Seller who has decided to build a sunroom himself without permits. He now needs to sell. What are the risks?


No permits, but the Seller exceeded expectations, then, that’s fine, apply now, get municipal inspectors through and the permits closed. Then list.

Also, it is possible that the Seller cut corners and did a very poor job. It’s quite possible that the municipality will require all the shoddy work and materials to be removed. That’s costly, but at least you can sell it without a sunroom.

List now, and of course, you can’t tell about the “problem” without the Seller’s consent. So, get their consent, or refuse to take the listing.

List and keep it all quiet, be sure to pass this entire matter on to an innocent Buyer, because they should be the ones who should bear the brunt of all of this. Just hope that you don’t get sued, because it’s going to cost you $2,500.00 whether you are right or wrong. Also, that particular step is also likely to damage your credibility in the neighbourhood, certainly, at the very least, among other agents.

Brian Madigan LL.,B., Broker

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