Precise Time of “Acceptance”

Let’s look at the timeline:


  • Buyer’s agent meets with Buyer
  • Buyer’s agent arranges for Buyer to sign the Offer
  • Buyer’s agent submits Offer to Seller’s agent


  • Seller’s agent contacts Seller
  • Seller’s agent meets with Seller
  • Seller decides to submit counter Offer, increased price, shorter closing
  • Seller’s agent make appropriate changes
  • Seller signs counter Offer
  • Seller’s agent sends counter Offer to Buyer’s agent
  • Seller’s counter Offer is irrevocable until 3:00 pm on Sunday


  • Buyer’s agent meets with Buyer
  • Buyer agrees to new terms
  • 2:00 pm Buyer initials the changes
  • 2:30 pm Buyer’s agent calls Seller’s agent to advise that Buyer has signed
  • 2:40 pm Buyer’s agent sends letter (document), fax or email confirming acceptance
  • 2:55 pm Buyer’s agent requests Buyer to sign Confirmation of Acceptance (COA)
  • 2:56 pm Buyer signs COA noting 2:56 pm
  • 3:01 pm Buyer’s agent requests Buyer to sign Acknowledgement of receipt
  • 3:02 pm Buyer signs Acknowledgement of receipt
  • 3:05 pm Buyer’s agent forwards copy to Seller’s agent
  • 3:30 pm Seller’s agent requests Seller to sign Acknowledgement of receipt
  • 3:40 pm Seller signs Acknowledgement of receipt
  • 3:55 pm Seller’s agent forwards a copy to Buyer’s agent

When was this Offer actually accepted?

It was ACCEPTED when the written message either by letter (document), fax or email was sent.

The balance of the paperwork can follow, but the clock starts clicking for all the terms, and conditions at 2:40 pm on Sunday.

That means for example, that a deposit due upon acceptance, would be due on at 2:39 pm Monday.

Brian Madigan LL. B., Broker

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