Pre-Offer Home Inspection (Ontario)


Assuming that you are the Listing agent, would you let a potential Buyer do a home inspection on your listing BEFORE submitting an offer?

If so, why?


I would encourage it.

If there are any problems then the Buyers have knowledge and have assumed the attendant responsibility.

I don’t want to see the report if they don’t proceed. The reason is that the Seller may then have knowledge of latent defects which he is now under a duty to disclose to others.

This inspection opportunity closes down the issues with respect to disclosure etc.

If you are going to expect a substantial number of Offers, you might even consider engaging the Home Inspector ahead of time and make their Report available to any potential Buyers. That suggest that you are being open and fair and the bids should be a little higher because of the certainty.

Brian Madigan LL.B., Broker

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