Notices to the Seller via Agent/ Brokerage


If you have to deliver a Document to the Seller, and you wish to do this by email to the agent, is this OK?


In the Notices paragraph contained in the Agreement there are two specific provisions:

  1. Appointment, and
  2. Specific email address.

You have to have both in order to comply with the Agreement of Purchase and Sale.

Also, you could use the Acknowledgement section, but that’s usually restricted to lawyers.

If you choose to deliver personally to the Brokerage you could attend at their premises. If you choose to use email, then you are limited to the one spelled out in the Agreement of Purchase and Sale.

Brian Madigan LL.B., Broker

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  1. Why are we limited to email address on APS? If it is emailed and receipt acknowledged, does it matter what address it is sent to?

    1. Post

      The difficulty is the wrong email address.

      So, it’s sent and not received.

      However, if it’s the one in the APS then the sender is fine, They have acted in accordance with the APS.

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