MLS Listing Acknowledgement



I just noticed that there are two lines for the date to be inserted at the end of the MLS Form. Why is this?


The first line may be filled in by the Registrant. It would likely be printed or typed. The second date in the next line is to be inserted by the Seller or the Sellers as the case may be. Significant differences in the timing of the two could be problematic.

There is a slight error in the Acknowledgement. Consider a sale by John and Mary who are husband and wife. John has to say that he understood it and he got a copy. John also has to say that Mary understood it and got a copy too. Mary would also have to sign, not only for herself but also for John. That would mean a full explanation by the Registrant in the presence of both of them and two copies to be delivered. The Registrant would have to ask: “John do you understand this document, AND does Mary also understand this document?” The same question would have to be put to Mary.

You know that didn’t happen! That’s an interesting problem going forward.

Brian Madigan LL.B., Broker

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