Inspection and the Listing Agent’s Presence


What happens if the Listing Agent wishes to attend the Buyer’s home inspection?


There is no right to the exclusive use of the property during an inspection. If you would like that on behalf of a Buyer, then that request will have to be specified in the Inspection Clause. Also, there is no right to take pictures. If the home inspector would like to take pictures of the inside of the house etc. for the report, then that will have to be specified too. Also, if the property is tenanted, then only the Tenant can consent to pictures being taken of the tenant’s possessions.

For reasons specified here already, as the Listing Agent, I prefer to be available and attend the last one hour of the inspection. Once it’s finished, the Inspector will highlight any problems or issues. They always sound much worse, until the home inspector takes me to the actual “problem”. Now, they seem quite minor and I usually have any outstanding issues solved before the Buyer’s representative leaves.

Brian Madigan LL.B., Broker

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