Who is a Senior?

That’s an interesting question.

There are Seniors and then, there are senior Seniors.

I do appreciate that anyone over 55 can get a certain discount as they travel. That’s just marketing.

Also, once someone reaches 65 years of age:

  1. They are entitled to certain government benefits, and
  2. They likely retire from regular employment,

That’s not quite enough. The target group that I will refer to as “Seniors” have lost some independence of some kind. That might be:

  • physical,
  • mental, or
  • financial

But, there would have to be some loss of independence in order to qualify as a “Senior”.

There can also be people who show signs of aging much sooner and who should otherwise qualify. There are others who have reached their seventies and yet show absolutely no signs of getting any older. So, from my perspective someone would qualify as a senior who:

  1. shows some signs of ageism, and
  2. loses some degree of their independence

Those two particular concepts need to go “hand in hand”.

For the purposes of the “Senior’s Project”, that is the concept that I have in mind.

Brian Madigan LL.B., Broker


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