When do you get the Buyer Representation Agreement Signed?


When do you get the BRA signed?

The Choices:

  • before we make an offer
  • once I decide I want to work with these folks
  • at office before I show any properties.
  • after the deal is done
  • Depends on the relationship with the Buyer
  • Docusign before I even show the property
  • once we’ve seen a few properties and have a relationship
  • Sometimes never
  • at the showing


If you have a Client then you are obligated to draft the Buyer Representation Agreement (BRA) and submit it to the Buyer for signature before the Offer.

Now, the Buyer doesn’t have to sign. They cannot be compelled to sign it, BUT, you have to actually have it in your file and be able to document the presentation time prior to the Offer.

Brian Madigan LL.B., Broker


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