What Should you Sign First BRA or WWR?


What should you sign first the BRA or the WWR?


The BRA is the Buyer Representation Agreement and the WWR is the “Working with a REALTOR” document


This document contains the following wording:

“The Buyer acknowledges that the Brokerage has provided the Buyer with written information explaining agency relationships, including information on Seller Representation, Sub-Agency, Buyer Representation, Multiple Representation and Customer Service.”

In the BRA you already said that you provided “written” information about agency, (including sub, dual, and non). So, the question is: “did you”?

The WWR comes close, but you will note that it still falls short of the requirements.


This document contains a short explanation of agency, representation, multiple representation and customer services.

It appears to comply with s. 10 of the Code of Ethics.

However, it misses out on “sub-agency” and that was noted in the BRA.

So, you should have a document explaining sub-agency as well.

Brian Madigan LL.B., Broker


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