Time and Time Zones


I am buying a property in Kitchener, Ontario but I am in Calgary Alberta. How do I deal with the “time”?


The Agreement of Purchase and Sale already confirms that the correct “Time and Date shall mean the time and date where the property is located”. In this example, the location is Kitchener, so that should go in, as well as Ontario.

The time is Kitchener time which is Eastern Standard. There are two time zones in Ontario.

Let’s presume the deadline is 8:00 pm. You need to document the time earlier than this. Let’s say it is 5:44 pm in Calgary, you could say 5:44 pm or 17:44, with an *, which is added below and states “* 7:44 pm EST”.

You need to have the conversion done on the document to the right time zone, so that it will be clear on the face of the document that the action took place or was completed within the allotted time.

A further issue is midnight and the date. Make sure that the correct converted time and date will appear dealing with the correct Ontario time zone. In the example here, it’s EST, in Kitchener. No one really cares what time zone you are in and what the local time happens to be there.

Brian Madigan LL.B., Broker


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