Showings for Unrepresented Buyers


I received a showing request from my listing. I called the fellow and asked if he was working with a realtor, to which he said no. I told him that we would have to meet and go through some paperwork (IDs, BRA) before I go ahead and show him the property.

He was annoyed and went on to tell me how he’s seen hundreds of properties and no one ever asked him to sign anything and how am I planning to get clients if I block people like I just blocked him. What is supposed to happen here?


Let’s stick to the Listing Agent’s obligations. There are two sides to the commission: A for selling and B for buying. Your client has retained you to sell the house. You are supposed to sell the house. That means “showings”. I do appreciate that if there’s an unrepresented potential buyer out there, you would like to get both sides of the commission. Your contract is really just for the one side, “A” whatever that may happen to be.

If your Seller knows that you won’t show the property to certain potential buyers, then you should get this in writing, otherwise, this is a breach of contract on your part. Also, if the showing goes well and you now “know” the Buyer, when the Offer comes in through another agent, you will have some valuable insight.

Bottom line: you can indeed refuse provided you have “permission”.

Brian Madigan LL.B., Broker

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