Plant Your Own Weeds!

This is the time of year to plant your own weeds. Pick out whatever you want and plant them now.

I’m going to pick grass for my own lawn, but you can choose whatever you like.

Every little piece of soil that can see the light of day (read sunlight) is going to grow something in the Spring, Summer and Fall..

So, you can wait until something grows, and then spend the rest of the summer trying to get rid of it, now that most products that work have been banned. Often, they are simply banned because they are not politically correct substances. However, that’s another matter.

What can you do now? Throw some grass seed on the bare spots. Even if you are one of the world’s worst gardeners, some of it will grow. Every blade of grass means one less weed.

The gardeners will call this “overseeding” and there are whole books on the subject. In fact, you could research the subject until this time next year.

Don’t bother! There’s really no trick to it. Just throw the stuff on the bare spots. If you have any left over, then I have some further advice for you. Again, it’s not that complicated or sophisticated. Step two, is just throw the stuff on the thin spots.

And, while we’re at it, let’s have a third step: don’t save any, go back again and throw the rest of the stuff on the bare spots and the thin spots until you don’t have any left. Now, you must appreciate that will be good news. You don’t have to store it, besides you wouldn’t find it again anyways and it will just attract mice.

Sit back, and watch it grow in the Spring. That’s assuming that you are retired and have nothing to do. But, you could come back in a week and see how things are going. Allright, I appreciate that the birds got half. Don’t worry about it. Just think of the birds like government taxes! They’ll take what they need and leave you with the rest. Now, you can start the process all over again next week.

The only consolation is that you might end up with a nice lawn.

Brian Madigan LL.B., Broker

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