Ontario Waterfront Properties ~ Good Deals!

Where are the best deals? With the prices of waterfront properties having risen so much since the turn of the century, where are you going to find good deals now?

Well, actually, you’re not! You would simply be well-advised to grin and bear it, pay the price and get in there. If you need a little bit of a bargain because that is what your budget requires, where should you look?

Right now, there are 3 general areas in Ontario with moderate prices (of course, that’s all relative), affordable properties within reasonable commuting distance of Toronto. They host some of the Province’s smaller lakes (and fewer of its hockey players in the summertime).The three best bargain areas are:

· Bancroft

· Land-O-Lakes

· Ottawa Valley

That doesn’t mean that they are necessarily the best values. You still may be better off buying in Haliburton, the Kawarthas or Georgian Bay from a longer term real estate appreciation perspective. However, these areas are worthy of consideration if you a looking to spend less than some other areas.

If you are planning to spend more, then perhaps you should look to locate elsewhere. There are many attractive waterfront properties in all three regions.

Brian Madigan LL.B., Broker


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