Ice Damage to Tenant’s Car


In the case of a residential tenancy, are there liabilities placed on the Landlord, in addition to those set out under the Residential Tenancies Act?

An unexpected thaw and violent winds have happened. Let’s say a random piece of ice comes free from a landlord’s roof, and slides off, onto a tenants’ car, causing minor damage.

Who is responsible?


You were very careful to indicate that this damage occurred without any negligence on the part of the Landlord.

In these cases, the law leaves the damage with the party who initially sustained the damage. There’s no justifiable reason to involve anyone else. It a sense it “befalls where it falls”.

Most Tenants will have insurance on their vehicles. This incident would be covered subject to the payment of a deductible.

This is the type of claim that a Landlord could easily avoid in all cases.

In terms of insurance, a Landlord should always insist upon being included as an “additional named insured” on the Tenant’s policy, and include a “waiver of subrogation”.

If the Landlord took those steps, neither the Tenant nor the insurer could take steps to recover the claim, even if the Landlord were negligent.

Brian Madigan LL.B., Broker

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  1. somewhat related, but adding a couple of factors. the garage has a known issue where the ceiling/wall leaks/crumbles. a few spots are already experiencing this. my current parking spot didn’t have any pre-existing issue. but after winter, unbeknownst to everyone, my spot developed a leak, pieces of the ceiling/wall crumbled and damaged the car.

    is the landlord responsible for getting the car damage repaired? it was reported as soon as it was discovered.

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  2. The tree where I rent my apartment fell on my car. The tree was old and was breaking off. When I reported it the management company came and cut the tree down. Who is responsible for the damage to my car. The landlord or me

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  3. Over the winter, I had cleared the ice in front of the windows but couldn’t reach roof. The owner never cleared the roof all winter. Today, huge chunks fell off the roof and broke my BBQ and bench. Who is responsible, me or owner?

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  4. My son’s car was damaged by a snow plough in the appartment parking lot where he is a tenant and his car was parked in his unit spot. The snow company has not taken responsibility even though the damage appears to be an obvious snow plough collision. His landlord is not taking responsibility either. Our son is unable to work and lives on very little income and would prefer not to have to go to his insurance company as the deductible would be hard for him to find. Does he have any recourse with his landlord?

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