House Now Blocks Driveway


There is a detached house with a private driveway. The house was enlarged and extended into the driveway, so there is now no private drive at the side of the house going into the backyard.

Now stands a larger home on the lot where you can only now park a car in front of the home. Is this still considered a private drive or now considered front pad parking?


Once you have a private driveway, it’s still a private driveway even if you block it in some way and cannot negotiate a vehicle along it. So, if you expand the building, you might just be left with a parking space. But, it’s still private and you can still park a car there.

The parking pad is usually located in whole or in part upon municipal property. The City is giving up its rights concerning that portion of their property in order to allow you to park there. That’s why there is a renewable licence.

Brian Madigan LL.B., Broker

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