Gravel Pits, Quarries and Related Issues

Typical quarry habitats and species | Quarry Life Award


What a safe distance is from gravel pits and quarries? I want to make sure that there is no impact from noise, dust, water contamination etc.


Although every situation is different, here are some general observations and considerations:

  • 3km – 5km would be just fine
  • quarries so not contaminate your water
  • they ware the cleanest well kept and tested environments
  • dust is not an issue as water trucks are by law to run daily
  • noise aside from blasting dates is next to nothing and blasting is not loud
  • they operate as early as 630 am to 5 pm

Here’s a quote from a knowledgeable real estate agent who operated quarries for 15 years:

“A lot of people talk bad about quarries, they are literally some of the most beautiful sights to see and an amazing sequence of events that occur to give us what we need to build homes that we sell!”

Brian Madigan LL.B., Broker

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