Fresh Copy or Use Initials from Illegible Copy

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Offer was sent back a few times and is barely readable due to scanning. If I were to redraft the contents of the offer on a new offer form, would initials for any changes in counter offer need to be added, or just the final offer with initials in regular places?


You are supposed to have a clear and legible copy. If you are still negotiating, this is prime time to clean it up. Start with a new copy, and submit that. Prior changes are of no consequence. Just initial in the spots where it is required.

If for some reason you need a “reference or clear’ copy, that’s simply an admission that you failed to comply with the Act and the Code. That “notes only copy” is not admissible in Court. If a Judge says “I can’t read this”; that means there’s no value to it, they are not looking for anyone to explain it.

Brian Madigan LL.B., Broker

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