Flicking the Lights on the Front Porch – Acceptance?

A Useless Light Switch That Turns Itself Off After You Flick the Switch On

Bob went to see a property listed by Mary. Her client was vulnerable in terms of her immune system and consequently they took every measure to avoid personal meetings.

Bob submitted an Offer and sat outside on the driveway hoping that it would be accepted. Mary was inside with her client.

This was cottage country and the cell towers were unreliable. Mary had been on the phone all day and her cellphone was dead. There was no land line at the cottage. So, Mary said: “this will only take a few minutes…I’ll flick the porch lights three times if it’s accepted”.

She flicked the porch lights three times as indicated.

Bob called his clients and advised that “your Offer has been accepted, we have a deal, congratulations!

So, the question:

  1. Do they have a deal?
  2. Is flicking the porch lights acceptance?

Brian Madigan LL.B., Broker


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