Brian Madigan’s “Material Facts” CHECKLIST Part 4

Here is one further section, on “Local Area and Municipal Issues (Zoning and Building)”.

These will all require some sort of response from the seller/owner.

The list of items is not exhaustive. Depending on the question, the response and its importance, may lead to other questions. If it would affect a buyer’s decision to buy, then, you should have an answer.

Local Area and Municipal Issues (Zoning and Building)

  1. The property is presently zoned as ______
  2. Another part of the property is zoned differently as ______
  3. Is the property in compliance with the existing zoning? ____
  4. Is the property a part of a homeowners association which has required dues, payments, fees or other obligations?  ______
  5. Is the property accessible by a municipal road? ______
  6. Is the property accessible only by easement? _______
  7. If so, is that easement registered? _______
  8. Who pays for the maintenance of the easement? ______
  9. What is the present actual zoning designation for the property? _____
  10. Have you made any applications for a zoning change? ______
  11. Have any of the neighbours within 300 feet of the property made application for a zoning change, to your knowledge? ________
  12. Within a radius of 2 km, are there any new developments:
    1. Under construction?_____
    1. Planned for development? ______
  13. If so, explain ______________________________________________
  14. Are there any hydro generation facilities (water, gas, nuclear, solar, or wind turbine) planned, within 2 km over the next 5 years? ______
  15. Within a radius of 2 km, are there any:
    1. Waste disposal sites? ____
    1. Nuclear storage facilities? ____
    1. Military camps, sites, facilities? ____
    1. Land fill sites? ____
  16. Within a radius of 2 km, are there any:
    1. Elementary schools, public, separate or private? ____
    1. Secondary schools, public, separate or private? _____
    1. Colleges, Training Facilities, Universities? ______

  17.       Is the building on the property serviced by:
    1. Municipal water? ____
    1. Municipal sewers? ____
    1. Municipal hydro? _____
                         cable TV? _____
    1. Satellite TV? _____

Brian Madigan LL.B., Broker

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