Agents Supporting One Another in Social Media

From a purely ethical perspective, we should not recommend another agent without some sort of knowledge; that can even be second hand through a third party. We can “like” another agent, or become a “fan” on Facebook without any knowledge whatsoever.

To write a testimonial we would require actual knowledge. It is to be a first party experience. No “second hand” stuff here. It could be about a particular deal or an experience with that agent. It should be indicative of the nature of the relationship as a “client” or as a “colleague”.

There are two liability issue here:

1) the author (it must be true), and

2) the referee who maintains and runs the site.

I have specifically left out the “endorsements” which commonly appear on Linkedin.

I have received hundreds from people I don’t know, and with whom I have never done business, in fields in which I have no experience whatsoever, let alone have acquired some degree of expertise.

However, I think that everyone in the world knows that Linkedin endorsations are worthless, but the testimonials are valuable, and should be carefully authored and appropriately monitored if hosted.

If you are a registrant be careful about recommendations! Be sure to do some research.

Brian Madigan LL.B., Broker

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