Agent Provides Lockbox Code to His Wife

Agent Provides Lockbox Code to His Wife

The real estate agent sent his wife, who was not registered along with a prospective Buyer to show a property.

During Covid, the instructions were to wear masks, wear gloves and remove shoes.

For some strange reason, they got this all wrong. I suppose they read it upside down. No masks, no gloves and the kept their shoes on!

Here we had a $3,500.00 fine for revealing the Lockbox Code. I am not sure why this agent gets a pass!

FINDINGS: In violation of Sections:

3,       Fairness, honesty

5,       Conscientious and competent service

38.     Error, misrepresentation, fraud,

39.     Unprofessional conduct

In addition, there were two 90 minute Courses assessed. The decision was rendered on 22 September 2022, yet the registrant was given until 7 March 2023 to complete them.

Brian Madigan LL.B., Broker

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