Agent Breach of Covid Protocols

RECO Discipline

The Listing agent allowed an incredible number of people to book showings, such that it was difficult to manage.

There were several groups booked for the same showing time. People attending at the Property had to make a line outside and keep sufficient space between for Covid Protocols. Many left and as they did, others joined.

There was no time for disinfection of surfaces or any sort of cleaning between showings. Between January 28 and February 8, 2021 there were a total of 274 appointments, many of which were double, and triple booked.

The Listing agent:

  • failed to treat everyone in respect of this trade fairly, honestly and with integrity, when he failed to observe proper Covid-19 public health Protocols.
  • failed to ensure proper spacing between appointments so that proper cleaning and other public health protocols could be observed.

This conduct is contrary to:

s. 3              Honesty and Fairness

s. 39            Conduct Unbecoming

Decision: 21 June 2022

Fine: $5,000.00 to be paid by 8 February 2023. (no Courses of any kind, not even Science Courses related to Covid)


Obviously, the Listing agent just simply didn’t care! Why the low end fine! Someone could have died! Obviously, the listing agent was more interested in making a commission.

Brian Madigan LL.B., Broker

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